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First speeding ticket, 57 in a 45, will they reduce it to a parking ticket?

West Seneca, NY |

Will i get points on my license if its not reduced?

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No. A speeding ticket does not become a parking ticket even on the best of days. Yes, you will get points.

Your best bet is to go in to the hearing and give a cool calm rational explanation and they may reduce it a bit.

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The above attorney unfortunately does not know what he is talking about. Traffic Tickets in New York state frequently get reduced to parking tickets. Most towns now have a town prosecutor or DA handling the traffic matters. You should either go to court and speak to the prosecutor or hire an attorney to do it for you. I believe that they should reduce it either to a parking ticket or 1110A failing to obey a traffic control device.

If you are found guilty of this charge it would carry 4 points as a penalty.


They will reduce it but you don't know to exactly what until you conference date.

Definitely fight this one.

Matthew Weiss


It is my experience in the Erie County town courts that speeding tickets may be reduced to parking tickets. However, this does depend upon your driver's abstract, if this is your first infraction, you will mostly likely be offered the reduction.

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