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First offense class a misdimeaner for domestic battery? In Indiana

Goshen, IN |

No background at all and admitted and pled guilty. Don't know weather to hire an attorney or wat to do. Go to court by myself with proof of anger management enrollment?

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It is best to hire counsel, instead of going by yourself.

The fact you have no criminal history and that this is a misdemeanor means that the chances of you going to jail are rare. But the county may have a deferral program, which could mean that the charge gets dismissed rather than have a conviction on your record, and the lawyer could check that out and advise you about your options before your next hearing date. Enrollment in A/M may be a part of what they do, either in a plea agreement or a deferral, especially if it is a program similar to those that are routinely recognized by prosecutors. You can tell your attorney the name of the program and confirm before you go to court whether another program or option is preferred by the prosecutors in that county. So it could save you a great deal of time and effort by consulting counsel now.

Good luck.


You can consult a local attorney free of charge. Do so immediately. Having entered a guilty plea, you may not be able to withdraw it but a conditional discharge is still possible, though more likely with the aid of counsel. Good luck.

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Based upon your description, you should hire a private attorney. The fact that you do not have any criminal convictions may be very beneficial in your case. You may even be eligible for a pre-trial diversion program in your case. An attorney can defend your rights, review the evidence with you, and explain your best options to you.

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