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First offender act / domestic violence charge and Federal gun laws....? Can I still own and/or carry a gun....?

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In 1994 I was charged with cruelty to children my attorney got the charges dropped to simple battery and I plead under the first offender act. I was not supposed to loose any of my civil rights but I know the 1996 gun law may have changed that....? I called the court house and the lady pulled my records and said she didn't see any reason why I should not be able to buy a gun or get a concealed carry permit because of the first offender plea, I'm just not sure she is right....? I don't want to waste the $75 fee for the CC permit if I will absolutely be denied.....? Can I even purchase a gun...?

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I agree with the above assessment. You can certainly purchase a firearm, but the the carry issue may cause you some hiccups as local law enforcement may have an issue with it.
It would be a good idea for you to confirm, from the GBI, that your first offender status has been fully disposed of as sometimes the GCIC can be incomplete until the individual calls attention their specific issue. You will not need a lawyer to do that, just call and make sure the GBI has done what they are supposed to Generally very easy to work with.
Good Luck,
Josh Schiffer

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Purchase , yes. Concealed. Call local counsel.

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