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First of all the deed is in my name only. can this person force me to put the deed back into her name?

Cherryvale, KS |

there was not a time frame as to when the house was to be paid off. i am wanting to sell the house so that i can pay off the rest of the dept. she said that i can not do this. i am selling it for twice as much as what is owed so if i can sell i can give her the balance of what is owed. she has given me till the first of april to do this. is it not true that who ever has the deed that they own the property. if so can i sell the house or not . she has been doing everything she can to keep me from doing this and even taking the real estate signs down out of the yard.

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If the deed to the property lists you as the only owner then you may sell the property and pay off any existing liens.

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You don't mention why "she" think she has some kind of rights to the there some kind of arrangement or agreement between you; if she loaned you money there is I assume some terms that would govern; even though title is in your name, if there is a contract between the two of you with terms that give her some purported rights to the property, "she" can have a legal action against you and if, the contracts requires, yes "force" you to put title "back" into her name. (Well actually the court order would force you not her)...there was obviously some agreement where title cam out of her name; your questions doesn't give all the facts.

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