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First felony offense but i have prior misdemeanors as a juvenile, how will this impact my case?

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I was charged with two felonies, possession of marijuana and intent to distribute (50 grams, scale, and bags). The marijuana did not belong to me, but it was in my car. So having said that, I realize there is a good possibility that i may have to take the fall for it because the owner of the marijuana will not fess up. I have prior misdemeanors as a juvenile (possession of marijuana (1gram), and criminal mischief). I was unsuccessful at probation as a juvenile because I HAD a terrible addiction problem. Now, I am in fear of being a documented felon and loosing my student loans. Will my prior legal problems significantly hurt my chances at being eligible for a deferment plan such as getting probation, completing it successfully, and getting the charge dropped to a misdemeanor?

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The court can use your juvenile record in sentencing, so there is no doubt that it won't help. My suggestion is you do everything possible to convince the court that you are dealing with your drug problem. You said you HAD a drug problem but the court is going to want to see proof that you continue to address it. Records of evaluation, counseling, AA, etc. will be important.

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