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First DUI blood level .06 Marion County FL, driving without a license, should I hire an attorney?

Ocala, FL |
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Yes. The judges and prosecutors in Marion County are very harsh. I would suggest that you do what ever you can to get your license reinstated.




Yes, Marion county can be very tough on defendants. Also, just because you blew below the legal limit, the state attorney can still proceed with the DUI charge against you. There would be no presumption of impairment in your case, but the prosecutor can still try to show that your normal faculties were impaired through other evidence such as the field sobriety exercises.
Having an attorney will greatly increase your chances of getting a favorable resolution.


Yes, hire an attorney right away. It may give you the opportunity to get a better plea out of it if you have an attorney.

Good luck.

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You should definitely hire an attorney as DUI's come with minimum mandatory sanctions including mandatory adjudication of the crime if you enter a plea or found guilty of the DUI. Furthermore, blood cases are very technical so I would strongly recommend an attorney who emphasizes their practice on DUI and who has experience fighting blood results.


Yes, you did not blow over the "legal limit" of .08, but the Judicial process in Ocala is ruthless. As my colleagues have mentioned, the State can and will try to prove you were impaired even without the .08 blow. You need competent counsel immediately. You're looking at 12 months probation, an additional license suspension of 6 months, $500 in fines, court costs of over $500, 50 community service hours at a MINIMUM and up to 6 months in jail. An attorney won't be cheap in this case, but will be well worth it. Depending on the facts of the case, you may have worthwhile pretrial motions that could possibly result in the case being dismissed.


Yes. You should absolutely look to hire an attorney. DUI cases are very complicated cases that can have multiple ways to attack evidence. Although the State gets a lot of benefit in the way laws are written in DUI cases, they have to comply with a number of administrative rules and case law to make their case. It's also important that regardless of whether you hire an attorney, you head over to the Bureau of Administrative Reviews and request a "formal hearing" within the 10 days of your arrest.

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