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Fired for stealing at my job in Florida

Miami Beach, FL |

A customers phone came up missing and they accused me when i told them it wasnt me they still fired me with no proof. I did not steal anything and expressed this with them but they still fired me. They have not paid me yet for the days i worked. It has been over three weeks since i have been fired and they still havent given me my check.

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Check with human resources department. If not one call or send a certified letter requesting your check. If not received after 60 data consult an atty


Unless you had a contract stating otherwise, the employer was likely within its rights to fire you with or without proof of misconduct. However, you are entitled to be paid for the time you already worked, and you are entitled to unemployment insurance if you didn't steal the phone.


Without an employment contract you can be fired for any reason or for no reason. Tou are entitled to be paid for the work you performed. You should repost this under the employment law section.


You should be paid for the hours you worked.

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