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Fired for being sick, or rather- that I cant guarantee I will feel 100% everyday.

Grand Rapids, MI |

I will be fired when STD benefits are over-I am still part time until then & reason was- I can't guarantee I will feel 100%???

I have worked for my employer 3 years.They have less than 50 employees. I went on STD and down to part time hours in Nov. My STD claim ends in 2 weeks month and I was told I last week I will be terminated at that time. I am still working until I am let go. My question is this- I discussed with my employer remaining on part time hours and originally was led to believe it would be ok. Last week I was told they are letting me go when the claim is up. The reason was I could not guarantee, even if I stayed part time that I would feel 100% every day I came in. I have RA and did not realize I could be let go only for being sick- or rather not promising to be better??

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I am not going to touch on the legality of your situation. Instead, I would suggest that contact the Michigan Civil Rights commission. They deal with these types of issues and if you contact them within 180 days of the rights violation they will not only investigate your situation under State law, but Federal as well. Here is the information for the Grand Rapids office. Good luck.

State Office Building, 3rd Floor
350 Ottawa, N.W.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: (616) 356-0380
Fax: (616) 356-0399
TTY: (616) 356-0391



Thank you for your help.