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Final Judgement of Divorce and Health insurance coverage

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Hello. My husband and I filed contested divorce, the Stipulation of Settlement was signed and submitted to court. Now we are about to file the Final Judgment of Divorce.
I am the provider of health insurance for my ex husband, and as out Stipulation of Settlement states,
"The parties acknowledge that they shall each provide themselves with their own policy of Health Insurance,
after entry of the Judgment Of Divorce, and then neither of them shall have any obligation to provide the
other with any Health Insurance Coverage"
When will the "entry of the Judgment Of Divorce" take place so can I discontiniue paying for my husband's health insurance? Will it be as soon as the Final Judgement of Divorce is filed with court, or will I have to wait until it is finalized and we officially divorced?

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Once the judge signs the Judgment of Divorce it will be returned to the party who filed it to be filed with the county clerk. Once the judgment is filed with the county clerk, your divorce is final and you may remove him from your insurance.


You are officially divorced with the Final Judgment is signed by the Judge and filed on the docket. You will most likely need a certified copy of the signed and filed decree to provide to your health insurance company in order to terminate coverage.

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You definitely have to wait until the Judgment of Divorce is signed before removing him from your health insurance plan. The Judgment will be sent to the party who filed for it after it is entered in the County Clerk's office. You can check on the Court's website to see if it has been signed yet.


Your divorce will be final on the date the judge signs the Final Judgment. Typcially, the person who was awarded the divorce can get a copy of it from the County Clerk and then serves the "Notice of Entry" along with a copy of the divorce judgment on the other party. Even if this does not take place, your divorce is final when the judge signs it. But it is best to follow all of the court's procedural rules.

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