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Filling out a packet pertaining to allocation for parental resonsibilties,or signing over all rights? What should I do?

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I was dating this guy for five months and to my dismay,I ended up getting pregnant right before we broke up. This has been devastating to me and my life,for I did not want any more kids,and I already have one child from a different father. My recent ex said he is willing to take full cusody of this baby,but I did not like the paperwork he got for us to fill out(Allocation for Parental Responsibilities),because when I viewed and looked it over online,it looked like a bunch of information was required,that to me,looked more like it pertained to couples who were divorcing. Also,my ex said that he would not ask child support from me,but there was a form,along with this packet,that involved information for child support. I'd much rather sign over full rights,how do I do this?

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In my experience, most judges will not allow you to relinquish your parental rights including an obligation to pay child support unless there is another willing person such as a step parent willing to take on the responsibility. It is difficult to be relieved of a child support obligation because the right belongs to the child rather than the parents. If circumstances change, the child may later need support and a claim could be made. The claim by your ex that he will not claim support from you probably will not be legally binding if he changes his mind.

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