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My question is quite complex. I married to a US citizen. And then I moved to her place and lived in that place for about 3 months. She has kids over 18 living with her and the home is provided by government.
But because of college & driving I had to move to another place and lived there for about 1 and half year (12 miles away from her place). We have our both name in the lease of the current apt.
Now I'm going to file for PR from the current place. Will there be any problem in future?

I forgot to mention that I used to have argument with his ELDER SON, he always wanted me to get out of the place where they live. That's the main reason why I left her place after 3 months and started living in another apartment. And now her Son doesn't live her anymore. He moved out with his girlfriend and they both have a child just a week ago. Do you think that I should tell the truth the reason behind all these problems when I give the interview

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Assuming that your question has to do with proving good faith marriage in connection with your application for LPR status, yes, not living together with your wife can be a problem. You should contact immigration counsel to help you with this process.

I am changing the designation of this question from family to immigration.

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Please see the answer to your other question.

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Very likely going to be a problem. A number of questions arise, such as 1) Why didn't she move with you if you could not live with her? 2) the financial aspect is going to be an issue unless you have a joint sponsor, and somewhat of an issue even with a joint sponsor. Documentation will be key.

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