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Filing I751 after divorce

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We got divorced after 1 year of being together , green card is about to expire, now we dont have much of paper trail together except some leases, car ownerships, insurance , banks and some trips, i do have long facebook conversations, will that be good evidence? Also we ended in good terms and she is willing to write a notarized letter too, will that be enough proof? I talked to my lawyer but all he does is ask for more money and wont give me good answers

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The main requirement when applying for a waiver of joint filing requirement under I-751 after divorce is to show that you entered your marriage in good faith and not for the purpose of circumventing immigration laws. In this regard, you shoukd submit copies of as many documents as you can to establish this fact and to demonstrate the circumstances of the relationship from the date of the marriage to the present date, and to demonstrate any circumstances surrounding the end of the relationship (i.e., the reasons why your marriage ended) if it has ended. Although the documents that you have listed are a good start, after consulting with an immigration attorney, you might be able to identify some other evidence that can be used in support of your case, such as your final decree of divorce showing the grounds for divorce (i.e., adultery, desertion, and/or cruelty).


Because you will be applying for a waiver, you need a lot of evidence of bona fide marriage. If your lawyer is not giving you good answers, may be he will not give you good results too. Consider having a second opinion or finding an attorney that will satisfy you, however that should be done with an entire file before an attorney.

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Hire an immigraiton lawyer. this is not an easy petition to handle on your own.

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your evidence sounds good, but try submit as much as possible.


It is never enough evidence in this type of case. Consult with another lawyer. Many of us offer free consultations.

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