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Filing i-864 with no recent year Tax Return

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My husband will complete the I-864 but he did file his 2013 Tax Return til now. Today is 28 Apr which is pass the deadline but we live overseas so he still have 2 months extension and would ask for more extension after that.

Q: Can we submit I-864 without 2013 tax return and just attach 2013 W-2 with explanation letter stating reason: "2013 return is not filed since 2012 will be revised as Married Filing Jointly" got married in Apr 2012, part reason for delay is i still need to get my ITIN or atleast wait for SSN if the GC is approved. Is this I-864 filing sufficient?

*he did not file his 2013 tax return til now.

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Yes you can do that. It is acceptable and proper. Include an extension letter as well.

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You can, but I can guarantee that within 3-4 weeks of the filing husband will get an RFE from CIS requesting the 2013 tax return, giving him up to 83 days during which to respond, but explaining that until such time as the copy of the 2013 tax return is received the entire case will be put on hold and "frozen".. Better file those taxes ASAP. This is a game no one can win with CIS.

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Mr behar's advice is, as usual, superb