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Filing for Chapter 7, must I include bank statements with my filing?

Los Angeles, CA |

Filing for Chapter 7, and would like to know what paperwork must be included with filing bankruptcy. Thanks for your time.

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No bank statements are required as part of the filing documents. However, if you are self employed, the Trustee may legitimately request all kinds of documents including bank statements at the Meeting of Creditors. Also, you need to obtain the first half certificate of financial counseling as part of the filing documents. Your question tells me you're intending to try doing it yourself. You are getting into a difficult and complex matter and you should really obtain help from an experienced attorney, even if only paying for it on an "as needed basis". I offer a free consultation if you want to ask more questions.


The bank statements are not filed with the paperwork to the court - they are given to the trustee. I would strongly suggest you hire an attorney - there are a lot of issues that you'll need help with to resolve and perform properly.

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Diane L Gruber

Diane L Gruber


You need to take your BK petition and all related documents to a bankruptcy attorney for review. Once it is filed, a mistake is a nightmare to fix.


In addition to the bankruptcy petition and schedules, you will need to file the pre-filing credit counseling certificate and payment advices with your bankruptcy filing. You might have to provide the Ch 7 trustee with copies of bank statements if they are requested. You would be best served if you speak with a bankruptcy attorney rather than trying to file on your own.


This should help you get started: There's more info on the court's website. Good luck.


You do have to list your bank accounts on Sch B. No do not include your bank statements. You will have to file 60 days of most recent pay check stubs with the petition.


Threshold requirements for evidentiary-supporting-documentation vary by bankruptcy district, with which practiced local bankruptcy counsel will be familiar. A bankruptcy lawyer will compile and annotate the documents so as to best satisfy explicit and implicit requirements, as well as individual trustee preferences and deadlines. Insufficient (or excessive) documentation causes delay and burden; paperwork isn't an idle afterthought, even if it's directed to the trustee rather than to the bankruptcy court docket. Depending upon case-by-case needs, additional documentation may be required beyond the scope of the initial supporting documents checklist. In other words, every fact in one's bankruptcy petition must be supported by the record, even if the relevant record isn't initially called for. If one has skeletons, report them in advance to your bankruptcy attorney (or the police if said skeletons are the literal kind you find under your basement slab). Your San Diego bankruptcy attorneys watches way too much CSI. Our bankruptcy blog archives include the following fun-filled pertinent article for the bankruptcy client: "Due Diligence or: Why Do You Need So Much $#*! From Me?"

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