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Filing divorce without a lawyer

Rockville, MD |

my wife and i have come to a point of uncontested divorce. our marriage is a year and half old and we do not have any significant assets. we have drawn a mutual separation agreement. do we need an attorney? how do we file the divorce ourselves? we live in the state of maryland.

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Attorney answers 1



You can indeed file the divorce yourselves. However, it is very advisable to use an attorney to at least draft the Original Petition for Divorce and the Final Divorce Decree to be filed the with Court, as well as to dicuss with the attorney the proper procedure for filing and "proving up" the divorce. Spare the $250 - $500 and make it as painless as possible, because otherwise it might be a nightmare of entangled paperwork, confusion, and pissed off court clerks.

Also - do not use a paralegal; use an attorney, i.e., do not go to a nurse for a diagnosis even if you intend to treat yourself, go to a doctor.

Good luck.