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Filing civil case federal district court for Social Security Disability denial review. filing complaint question

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In in North Carolina . filing a civil action in federal district court for review of my disability denial by ADJ and refusal to review by the reviews council . When I file my complaint to the courts , Is it acceptable to file as exhibits , a CD ROM which I revived from SSA . My medical records over 430 pages are on the CD , versus me printing 430 pages , is it acceptable to file a copy of the CD ? T Hanks

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When you file the complaint, you will either send a copy of the lawsuit certified mail to the US ATtorney in your area, the US Attorney General, and the Commissioner of Social Sedurity - or ask/convince the court to send a copy to those people for you. The government then has about 60 dyas to provide a complete coopy of all the documents and the testimony in your case to you and to the court.

Best of luck to you.

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I agree with Mr. Farrell. You don't have to provide a copy of the record or your claim - that's Social Security's job. Review the record they file to see if you think anything is missing that should be in there, but otherwise the court will work off the copy the Agency files.

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