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Filed fraud complaint with uscis against my foreign spouse a number of months ago. how can i determine status?

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prior to marriage wife misled me about her past business problems, ongoing bankruptcy
and her medical condition resulting in unexpected medical costs. having been aware of either deception i would not have married her. wife also gave false information on her G325, biographic info, failed to report the company in bankruptcy, reporting she worked for another company, during the period she owned the bankrupt company which is not true.

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USCIS only provides status of applications/petitions for which one of their forms is filed.


You may be able to make an infopass appointment and go down to your local office to meet with an officer who can look up the case in the system. In Jacksonville, FL, the local ICE and USCIS offices are in the same building and so an infopass appointment is sometimes helpful. Otherwsise you can send a fax to the ICE office and maybe someone will respond.

You can make an infopass appointment at Be sure to be kind and calm when speaking with the immigration officer during the infopass, even if he or she does not seem helpful.

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Be aware that what you are describing may not qualify as fraud for immigration purposes. It does not sound as if you did not have a valid marriage. Instead, it sounds as if she lied to you. If a woman tells a man that she is younger than she is before marrying (or a man tells a woman that he is richer than he actually is), that does not mean that the marriage was fake.

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This does not sound like marriage fraud to me either but could be interpreted by USCIS as a dispute over cost and upkeep of your wife and consequently an attempt to get her deported to avoid liability.