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Filed for Divorce and for motion

New York, NY |

I filled for divorce based on multiple grounds, including no fault, adultry and inhuman treatement. Its uncontested divorce. My wife also wants to get divorce and there are no other issues between us. I also filed for motion since i need to apply for Greencard which is expiring in Feb 2013.
My question is what should i take with me to the court in addition to the Affidavit of service?

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An uncontested divorce on multiple grounds including those listed? Really?

If it's uncontested, why are you going to court?

You seem confused, and would do well to consult with a local attorney...

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What motion did you file for? There are a significant number of documents that you need to process a divorce. It also isn't clear to me from your question that the divorce is truly uncontested. For it to be uncontested there must be complete agreement between the parties on all issues, including the grounds for the divorce. If this is truly an uncontested divorce you should be filing based solely on the grounds agreed to between you and your spouse. Agreeing that you both want a divorce isn't enough to make it an uncontested divorce. You should seriously consider consulting with a local matrimonial attorney, particularly if you are working under a deadline.

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Check your local legal aid agency or any court self-help materials for divorces in NY if you cannot afford an attorney. I strongly recommend getting an attorney quickly if there is a immigration issue involved on top of the divorce.

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Hust take a copy of the motion. However, if you do not have an attorney it would be very advisable to get one due to the many issues involved.

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