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Fighting red light camera ticket

Scottsdale, AZ |

I am from Scottsdale AZ, I recenly received a summon to appear in court for a red light camera ticket. I was driving southbound on N Scottsdale rd and proceeded to turn left on E Shea blvd. The arrow was yellow when I proceeded but I fronf wheels only got to pass the far side of the crosswalk by 2 to 4 feet when the arrow turned red. My picture was taken and the number from the picture indicated that I was traveling at a constant speed of 18mph and the light had been red for 0.45 seconds. I guess it was a close call. If I had slammed on my breaks, I probably would have got rear ended. I sent the ticket bact to the scottsdale city court saying I wanted to fight the ticket. I researched the judge in charge of my case and foud out he has a very bad reputation for suspending licenses of innocent people. One person for example was not the driver at the time of the ticket, sent the actual drivers info to the court, and showed up to court to prove she wasn't the driver. The judge still suspended her license. She had to appeal it to the superior court with the help of a good attorney and won the appeal. What are the chances of winning this case? What should I know to beat a red light ticket? I can not afford to pay for an attorney or even the fine because I have recently been laid off and trying to support a family of 4. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I suggest contacting the Scottsdale Traffic Lawyers at the link below. See if any of them offers a free consultation.

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