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Felony charges for an unpaid payday loan?

Lynnwood, WA |

I got a call today from a law office that I can't seem to find, and after asking if I was represented by an attorney (which I'm not) stated they were filing felony charges against me for not repaying a payday loan unless I voluntarily pay the passed due amount immediately. They first started by saying that since there was no record of felony charges on the last 90 days that she was calling to give me the chance to tell my side. After hearing my side, she focused on the fact that I admitted to not repaying the loan, and continued to threaten me. Are they allowed to do this?

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You should be able to determine if a law office contacted you, because this sounds more like a collection firm.
Collections firms that threaten criminal prosecution, likely violate the fair debt collection laws.
You should keep a record of contacts and what is said, as you have started.
You should be able to verify who you are speaking to, they can send you a letter, for example.

There are other ways to get in trouble, such as, did you give any post dated checks, provide false statements, take out the loan not intending to repay it?
You would benefit from contacting a debt defense attorney, and also, by making no more pay day loans.

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The one who called you likely violated federal and state laws.

What you should do, should they call you again, is to tell them not to call you again.

What you should also do is report the caller to the Attorney General at .

The AG is not going to be your attorney. However, the AG can and does sue companies that violate WA laws. The AG usually acts when there are enough persons complaint about a company.