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Felony charge in WA state, warrant issued and trying to get it recalled

Seattle, WA |

I am currently waiting to be charged in King County. I just recently found out about all this. And I believe the warrant is because I didn't appear at court. I have tried to find the easiest way to take care of the situation. Long story short, I am not sure what to do next to take care of this. I currently attend college and am about to complete my Medical assisting program. I need to know if there is any way that I can defer or suspend my sentence. I would come home and take care of this but without some type of employment I don't have the funding to come back. I no longer live in WA and have not lived there for 7 years. I think that they have decided to charge me with forgery. But other than driving I have not been in any trouble. Also I am a mother of two babies and I don't want this to ruin their lives. My life was threatened and I didn't know what to do, but now all this stuff is coming back and I am very fearful. Please let me know who is the best person to contact and what you would suggest I do to help myself. I am in no way running from this. I finally told my husband about it and I just hope that our marriage don't end due to this. thank you so much for any help.

I am not sure about the warrant part I just figured that since they are prosecuting me then that is why I might have a warrant. I am just confused about the whole thing and why did they take so long to prosecute me. Did they not have enough information on the other people involved or did they decide I was the one to convict because I was the one with the check. Please let me know what my next step is.

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If they just charged you after 7 years it may be beyond Washington's statute of limitations. Even so if a warrant was issued you need to get it recalled which may involve posting bail if you don't qualify for an OR (own recognizance) release. Either way you really need the help of an attorney in WA state.


There may be a warrant because the Prosecuting Attorney filed a criminal charge and when you didn't show up for your first court date, called the Arraignment, the Judge issued a warrant for your failure to appear. If there is a felony filed and a warrant has been issued, you need to talk to an attorney immediately in Seattle. A criminal defense attorney can help you set up a court date to get the warrant quashed, or recalled, and can help to resolve your case. You could also get some assistance from a Bail Bonding company that is familiar with the procedures in Seattle. You may be able to post a bond on the warrant amount. When the bond was posted with the Court, the Court would issue a new court date for you. You would have to be able to travel to Seattle to go to your next court date, or you would lose your bond and a new warrant would be issued for you.

If you do nothing, you could even be arrested on this warrant wherever you live. Some warrants are issued for multiple states or large geographic areas. They call these warrants "extraditable." For example, if you live in Oregon or California, and a Washington State warrant if issued for the West Coast, a person could be arrested on the Washington warrant in California. Then, they could have to wait in jail in California until Washington arranged transportation for them back to Washington. This process can take months.

It's in your best interest to try to take care of this outstanding issue. You should contact a Seattle criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. As for what will happen from your actual charge, that depends very much on what you are actually charged with. So, without more specific information, I cannot answer those questions for you.

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