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Felony Assault P.C. 245 dropped to Misdemeanor throuch Penal Code 17 B can be dropped to a an infraction? Help Wanted!!!!!!!!!!

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Can my felony assault p.c. 245 that was dropped to a misdemeanor through p.c
17 b motion, Be dropped to an infraction? and is there penal code that allows me to drop my misdemeanor to an infraction if I hire a lawyer to file a motion?

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In order to reduce a misdemeanor to an infraction, it first of all has to be a crime that CAN be reduced to an infraction. 245 is not one of them.


Typically in order to obtain an infraction, your attorney must negotiate with the prosecutor prior to you pleading guilty and obtain an agreement to reduce a case to an infraction at a future date or at the time you enter the plea. There is no such thing as a P.C. 245 as an infraction.


Probably not

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