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Feel Asleep at the wheel, crashed, and recieved a DUI

Los Angeles, CA |

I feel asleep on the freeway last night at about 2:30am, crashed and totaled my car. CHP arrived and gave me a breathalizer test, it came up .11. I am 19 and a United States Marine, still currently in training and something like this is going to totally corrupt my carrer. I am wondering what my options are and the likely outcome for a case like mine. Is it possible to avoid having my license suspended? Will I be offered a plea to something less than a misdemeanor? What do I need for a dismissal? Located in Los Angeles, any good Attorney recommendations? I appreciate the help very much.

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You have a number of problems and they are not going to be resolved without some pain. First of all you violated the no tolerance law by driving with more than .05 of alcohol in your system and being under 21. That gets you a year's suspension in addition to the suspension and fines you will get for the DUI. There is no plea for less than a misdemeanor that fits the facts of your case. Besides being DUI and under 21, you had a serious automobile accident. I don't see that you have any alternative but to hire the best DUI lawyer you can and fight the charges. Sometimes cases fall apart.


i would agree with Mr Kaman wholly. get yourself a lawyer ASAP!


I'm NOT licensed in CA, but you may want to get in touch with a JAG as far as what the USMC may want to do with you. It won't be easy hang in there soldier. If by a miracle you are able to defeat the DUI you would be shooting yourself in the foot to go tell Uncle Sam about it.


You will need an attorney. Go to the California DUI Lawyers Association website and contact an attorney for immediate advice.


Sounds like a difficult case, but you may have some good equities, i.e., you are a United States Marine, still currently in training, and a conviction for DUI might result in seriously side-tracking your career.

The qestion of what your options are depends on how well an attorney can use the fact and the equities to obtain a more desirable result. Just how good of a result can be obtained oftentimes depends on how good the attorney is in defending those charged with serious types of DUI cases like your own.

The question of whether a license suspension can be avoided also depends on whether you win or lose the DMV hearing. Contrary to popular belief, they can be won and thus, the person avoids the suspension.

I hope this helps. You should search for a highly qualified DUI attorney who practices in the court in which your case will be heard.

Good luck.