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Federal employer performed salary offset without due process, violated Federal procedure, did not afford me my rights under law.

Waldorf, MD |

There was salary overpayment made to me, that was realized. I inquired of Payroll as to how much, what type of hours, & written proof. They gave inconsistent answers, provided no proof. They threatened to take the entire amount out of my next check. We have Agency policies that outline our rights, due process, along with 5 U.S.C. 5514. I pointed this out to them. Then they told me they would prepare the letter of intent & I would be receiving it & could make arrangements then. Time passed so I inquired the status and was told to just wait (I even offered a repayment proposal). Then, a high amount was suddenly deducted as salary overpayment. I'm also on intermittent FMLA. This caused extreme financial hardship and emotional/mental distress. Can't the Agency be penalized? What is my remedy?

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Are you unionized? If so, I would talk first with someone from the union, as your union rep might be able to help.