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Father in jail what are my odds of winning custody

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i have an 11 year old which has lived with me for 11 years in a stable home, her father in and out of jail for dui and drugs. i am going to court to reduce his visitiation. Even though he never sees her only when its at his convience or he is sobber which is like 5 times a year he mighgt she her. what are my odds of winning the reduced visitation for him seeing her?

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very strong, he may get supervised visitiation, insist upon child support and they resovle the issue. take care, and good luck.

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From what you describe, you may be probably would be able to restrict or reduce the visitation because of the substance abuse and infrequency of the visitation. These cases are fact driven and without knowing more facts it would not be wise to give you more assurance.

This response does not creat an attorney client relationship. In all cases, I recommend you seek a paid consultation with an attorney with expertise in this area.

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