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Falsely stating a business is an LLC and it is not

Woodbridge, VA |

This guy stated that he was part of a business when he was not and the business was a sole proprietorship and was collecting money for such from December 2012-April 2013. In May 2013 to cover himself for his illegal doings, he and his wife made the business an LLC and made him the head of the company after someone he conned reported him to the Virginia State Police CBI for fraud and attempting to garner money through deceptive means. My question is: He is now the LLC head of the company from May 2013 onward, but was he covered for the previous months he did this? I say no and that he broke the law. What do you think?

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Unlikely, it's not as if the company simply failed to get authority to do business in the state, but it was an LLC otherwise. It misrepresented its limited liability status. I'd speak to an attorney, like myself, regarding your matter.

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He did so to cover himself after conning someone out of a check using the premise that he was collecting for the business and was not at as he pocketed the money and the clients would have to pay twice.


The LLC would -- possibly -- shield him from liability, only if it existed. If he engaged in bad acts before the LLC existed, setting up an LLC would not retroactively protect him.


An LLC cannot shield an owner from personal liability for criminal conduct.

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