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False positive drug test costs me a $250k/year job and reputation. Do I have a case?

Houston, TX |

I recently underwent a pre-employment urine drug test. I was informed by the medical company that I failed the test two weeks later. I immediately subjected myself to a voluntary urine and hair drugs and passed both of them. As a result of wrongful test, my prospective employer withdrew the offer.
As a consequence, I lost the $ 250k/year job, my reputation and my integrity in the industry. Is there any type of legal actions I can take? Do I have a case against to which parties?

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Your suit would be against the testing facility. Unfortunately you need to prove the sample they tested was actual negative. Your subsequent test does not have any relevance to the previous sample. Additionally you will need to prove that you lost tr job based on the positive drug test and not some other factor. This could be an expensive case to pursue. I recommend you contact a lawyer and be prepared to pay a large retainer. $10k or more.

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