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False Noise Complaint- 14 Day eviction?

Jackson, WI |

Our landlord called us today and said that we could be evicted because of 2 niose complaints and our 'loud parties'. My husband works second shift and we havn't had a party in about a year. I visited the two neighbors next to us and across the street, and they said that they have not heard anything nor seen any said parties. I then went a few blocks down where a disabled man lives with his mother. I asked if we had been to loud or if we could do anything.... He said no but that "his mom complains about us all the time". So we clearly are not loud and have an overprotective (possibly nutso) mother on our hands. She is fabricating/overexaggerating something, and we could be evicted for it! What can I do without seeming insensitve and how do I prepare for what is to come?

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The landlord cannot focibly remove you. The landlord needs a judgment of eviction from a court. If you dispute the complaints, make the landlord take you to court. You will probably want to have some of your neighbors in court to testify that you do not make noise.

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