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False hit and run filed against me

Lawrenceville, GA |

I was in a road rage situation with an individual we got a yelling match while sitting at a red light 5 days later police come to my house and said that I was involved in a hit and run. Our vehicles never touched and now the individual has filed a claim against me thru my insurance company. The police gave them my insurance info. Now what?

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Turn this over to your insurance company and let them handle it. Let your insurance company know that there was no physical contact.


You hire a lawyer for the criminal case, and you turn the civil matter to defend over to your insurer.

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The insurance company should easily handle the "accident" portion of the claim. You will need to have an attorney assist with the criminal portion of the charges however. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO HANDLE THAT PART YOURSELF. I often see people do that in Recorders Court here in Decatur and it ALWAYS ends horribly. Get someone with experience to help.


Hire an experienced traffic lawyer to handle the hit and run charge. Let your insurance company handle the accident claim. Make sure they understand that there was no contact and no accident. They should not pay any money for a bogus claim. Insurance fraud should be taken very seriously. Good luck.


The other attorneys here have given you some good advice, to hand over the civil claim to the insurance company, and hire an attorney to handle the criminal matter. I would add that even if your car did not contact the other vehicle, it's possible for you cause an accident and cause damage to the other vehicle. If you were both out of your vehicle, I'm thinking there's a possibility that the argument was over your causing the other vehicle to get in an accident or get damaged. In that case, regarding the criminal action, you may have some affirmative defenses to that charge and should discuss everything happened with your criminal attorney without leaving out the incident that occurred prior to the argument.

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Retain a local criminal lawyer to fight it.