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False arrest

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I paid a fine in April of 2009(Broward County). In August of 2009 I was arrested for failure to pay the fine. I spent two days in jail. After I was released I proved I paid and the case was cleared with an "I'm sorry". I have a perfect paper trail including the postal money order and correspondence between myself and the judge. I need someone to represent me for the two days I spent in jail.

The judicial assistant and clerk of court have not been able to explain why the warrant was issued. They point the finger at each other. If someone won't help me, will you give me suggestion of who should be named in a lawsuit? I don't think the police are to blame. As a senior criminal justice student being effected by the treatment of the police, the impounding of my vehicle and the theft of money and belongings in the vehicle, this incident has really effected me in my criminal classes. For one the inability to even tell my legal professors I was even arrested, out of shame.

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We are one block south of the Broward County courthouse at 7th Street and Andrews Ave. You are invited to call, email, or come by the office to discuss this further. The cops will likely try to defend by claiming probable cause or a valid arrest warrant; but your paper trail sounds like it should defeat those defenses.

Dennis Phillips, Esq. (
dial: 866-INJURED or 866-ARRESTED
Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Mensa, Broward County Justice Association
Balliro Seltzer, LLC
12 SE 7th Street, Suite 603
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301


Sounds interesting. I'd like to hear more about this. You may have a false arrest, unlawful detention case. (Do you know what probably cause the police or sheriff had to arrest you in the first place?)

I have offices on Broward Boulevard and on Cypress Creek Road. Feel free to make an appointment or call for a discussion (no charge). 954-545-9898.

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Mark S. Guralnick, Esq.


I agree with Mr. Guralick. However, I have doubts about how much two days in jail are worth in the long run. He's a good lawyer.

Good luck.

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