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Fair Credit Report Act, does it really means what it stands for, or does it exist? How do I go to court for Inaccurate Report?

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I have a bunch of false credit report, which means report that a Rental apartment said you own money and keep your deposit than charge you on top of that without proof or evidences...isn't that a false report when they cannot prove their claims in court?

Had they have to go to court first in order to report to credit bureau they would have never been able to do that. I don't paid any monthly rent, but landlords always say something wrong with the unit so they can keep deposit and than charge you again.

That is not Fair Credit Report. Does that sound what the Fair Credit Report about? To me is Identity Theft.

It's like going to shop at Walmart and use my debit card and the cashier writes down the card # and uses it under my name.

That's basically what they do. Because they have access to people Social Security, and THEY DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO COURT FIRST, they taking advantage of people, reporting any amount money they want to claim, and the Credit Bureau supporting their fraud. Dispute with the so-called the 3 major credit report is a waste of time, maybe unless there's a court order between. When do dispute with or, the only thing they ask: Did you live at this address? Is that your social security #? If you said yes for both, than they said you responsible and nothing they can do.

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Lots of laws have deceptive or misleading names that make people think that the law is for them when it really is enacted to protect the big guys. That's why so many of us mistrust politicians!

I am posting a link to this federal law below, and you may want to find out if your state also has laws regarding credit reporting by searching at the state website. Hope this perspective helps!

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