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Failed to add car to existing policy that was purchased 13 days before accident and at fault. Name listed in existing policy

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Hit a car from rear end. Car was purchased 13 days before accident. I am listed on my husband's policy for 10 months. Added the new car to policy after accident. Insurance company said it will look into my claim, but didn't sound optimistic about paying the other party. I was cited to visit court as i was at fault. Nothing major happened in the accident except a fender bender. Other part claimed injuries in police report though no signs of injury at the scene. I tried to contact other party to settle the claim outside, but they don't answer back my calls. Can my husband be sued for this accident if other party decided to do so. What would be my options now?Please help

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from the facts that you gave me, I think there is a grace period for adding a vehicle when purchased to your existing insurance policy. I certainly would check with your agent and or an attorney.

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You need to review your policy ASAP to see how long you are given to add a new car to your policy.

Good luck.

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Hopefully, you'll be covered. I'll cross my fingers


I know in Michigan you cannot title a car in your name without proof of insurance. I would talk to your agent about the circumstances. Sorry, I am not licensed in Ohio, but again in Michigan the owner of the vehicle is liable. So, talk to an Ohio lawyer about whether or not your husband can be sued. Good Luck!


Call your insurance agent immediately and read your insurance policy for their specific time period.

Many car dealers will not let you drive off the lot unless you have insurance on the car and it is quite possilbe that the dealer may have contacted the insurance carrier and/or agent and notified them of the car before you left their lot--in that case, you will likely have coverage.

If that was not done, then you may have temporary coverage for your new car under your existing insurance policy. Many policies will provide you with a 14-30 day grace period to actually include the new car to the policy. I believe Allstate has/had a 30 day window while Progressive only had/has a 14 day window.

At the end of the day, your insurance contract should tell you what that time period is. Also, it may matter if you only had a liability policy of insurnace at the time of the collision.

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Most policies have a period of time to add a car. Check with your company. They might not be happy about it but if you are within the window you should be covered. Settlement out side of your insurance company can be a big problem for you and you should leave it to the insurance company.

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