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Failed back surgery, screws right threw my spinal canal! Now disfigured, from another surgeon having to fix his work!

Mishawaka, IN |

Fell down basement stairs, broke my back, already had double herrington rods, rushed to indy for emergency surgery, only to be fitted for a brace, 5 months later back is more broken, did surgery...woke up knowing something wasnt right! He kept saying...your fine! Two years later found a surgeon willing to listen to me, turns out one screw went completley through spinal canal, felt like monsters were trying to swim out of my back, all the time! Just had to redo surgery by a wonderful caring neurologists, disgusted at the fact he had to fix another surgeons work! now 30 staples later and a very disfigured back, I think Im ok...but I feel the original dr. treated me as a medicade patient! I was a joke, but yet had to pay for it! I have pics if interested...please help!

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You need to get a free consult with a plaintiff's medical malpractice attorney in your geographical area. You can search for one using google or you can use attorney search right here on google. You will certainly find many fine options to choose from. Once you find somebody call them and set a time for a consult. Medical malpractice has become very difficult in this country due to all the tort reformers but there are still cases that can be won. If the first person you call won't take your case, keep trying. Best of luck to you.

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I agree consult with an attorney. Utilize the extensive directory Avvo provides.

Mike Walker


You definitely need to talk with a medical malpractice attorney ASAP. Try

Good luck.

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I'm glad you are feeling better. You would need to retain a local med mal lawyer who would order your medical records and send to an expert to review to ascertain whether there was a breach of the standard of care.

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You should contact in Indiana medical malpractice attorney immediately. Generally, Indiana follows a two year occurrence-based statute of limitations for claims against qualified healthcare providers.
Again,I suggest you contact an attorney of your choice immediately.
Hope this helps.