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Facing probation violation due to missing fines/costs payments

Warren, MI |

I was put on probation for one year for and OWI. I violated once for testing postive for marijuana and already served 7 days in jail. I owed 1700 still and have payed 700..I work full time and I am looking to go to school in the winter. I DO NOT make enough to pay these fines and I have proof..such as paycheck stubs and bills and leases.The account recievables lady told me that more than likely i wil served 93 days with credit for timed true...i dont have any money to give them and if i did i would

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What I would suggest is asking for a modification in payments. Present the evidence that you say you have to the court and ask them to lower your payments. Assure them that you are willing to pay, it's just that it is impossible for you to pay the amount they are requesting. The court is usally more inclined to help you when you come in ahead of time and ask for help rather than being hit for a violation and then begging for mercy. Best of everything.


Pay something! Anything! You need to show that you are not blowing off the court's order. Then seek a payment plan. Borrow money from friends, family, etc. You do not want this to haunt you.

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