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F1 visa stamping for a B1/B2 visa

Mableton, GA |

Hi, i m in US on B2 visa, at port of entry & the immigration officer wrote STAY LIMITED, NO AOS, COS, EOS on my passport. it is been 10 days i came & now im planning to go back to my country & apply for F1 visa after 1 year or so. What are the chances of me getting F1 stamping in my country. Will there be any problem at the US Embassy, will it reflect by F1 visa. Please i need reply ASAP

Sir, the officer wrote all that on my PASSPORT also, will this affect my F1 visa

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The officer was worried that you were going to stay longer in the U.S., so he wrote no AOS (adjustment of status), COS (change of status) or EOS (extension of status). However, if you go abroad and apply for an F-1 visa, whatever the officer wrote on your I-94 will not stop you from qualifying for F-1 student status.

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Even if you were to apply for change of status within the U.S., the officer's notations would not legally preclude you from changing status in the U.S.