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Good morning
I am an F1 student out of status for now 60 days. No ICE officers had come to my house to arrest me yet. I am planning in applying for reinstatement. I would like to know how long I have to apply for it

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You are already too late.. Stop procrastinating already ! Go to your favorite Doctor, get a report whereby you've been in severe depression due to the fact that your boy/girl friend left you or cheated on you, or your favorite dog died of bone cancer and you buried her with your own hands in your backyard or something happened back home: a crazy lunatic took power or there were killings in your village,etc. Am sure you had a good reason.. Also make sure to be prescribed anti depressants & armed with all this, go to your friendly foreign student advisor & beg him/her to advocate for your reinstatement wi5) USCIS, but don't go it alone, you'll likely end up in a detention center..
Good luck!

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5 months unless there are exceptional circumstances. You do not want to wait that long. Do it ASAP.

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Reinstatement is available if you have not been out of status for more than 5 months. The practical answer is the sooner the better as ICE routinely reviews SEVIS records for people out of status.

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