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F1 Student on removal proceedings

Baltimore, MD |

Entered on F1 Visa from Morgan State University. Attended Morgan from January 2009 through May 2012.

Moved to Houston to apply to International Christian Institute. I was accepted, and had SEVIS transferred to International Christian Institute in Houston to start in August 2012.

In the meantime I applied to several other colleges in case transfer didn’t work out with International Christian Institute, I would have option to go to (BCCC, CCBC). I sent BCCC admission application through the mail to Ms. Wanda Chaney (postmarked and dated 7/27/12, but The Application was never processed until I came back to inquire in September). I never received an I-20 or an acceptance letter from International Christian Institute.

So I moved to Houston. I was at a friend’s house, which belonged to friend’s uncle, who suddenly (about last week of August) did not want me to live in the house. I tried to manage, contacting other friends who lived near there, trying to move. ICI had no dorms.

So I came back to Baltimore on 8/31/12 to attempt to enroll at BCCC. Realized they had not processed my application. I was told he had missed acceptance deadline. I tried to return to ICI- contacted them by email, I told ICI that having difficulty attending classes at ICI. Then ICI told them that since missed 3 weeks of class, they would terminate I-20. Asked them if they would be willing to reinstatement if I returned. They said they do not support reinstatement at ICI. They sent me emails about these issues and notifying I was out of status.

I followed up between 9/17/12 (when we sent response to app via email) and 1/25/13 to finalize application. Received acceptance and registered for classes on 1/25/13.

On January 23, 2013 morning 6:00 am few ICE agent showed up at home they took me to the immigration office at Baltimore MD. I was processed at the Immigration Office and then I was kept in detention for 4 hours and after that I was released and the Immigration officer told be that I will receive a court date in mail which I still have not received. But they told me that if I don't receive a court date then on April 9, 2013 I will have to appear at the Immigration office at Baltimore MD. And I did reported to immigration on 4/9/12, now I have been given another date (august 13, 2013) to report to the immigration office. And I have also received a court date for Master Hearing on June 03, 2013.

I have received an I-20 from BCCC on 4/4/12, but I have been attending classes full time since 1/27/12. I have submitted a reinstatement application with USCIS and have not heard anything from then neither received any receipt no.

Besides, I do have a girlfriend and she is a green card holder, she will be due for her citizenship on June 2014. I am trying to know if she also could be any help.
My visa reinstatement gets denied what other options will I have to stay in USA at-least till June 2014.

Thank you so much for your time and attention.

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Best to do a personal consultation with an immigration attorney to explore all of your options and advise you accordingly.


Removal proceedings is exceptionally complex administrative process, which requires good knowledge, understanding and command of the one of the most complex parts of the interplay between INA, Federal Regulations, and Administrative and Judicial precedents. Self-representing in such a forum is unwise at least and often outright reckless.

NYC EXPERIENCED IMMIGRATION ATTORNEYS; email:; Phone: (866) 456-­8654; Fax: 212-964-0440; Cell: 212-202-0325. The information contained in this answer is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter.


If you're in removal proceedings, you need to retain an immigration attorney to advise you and represent you in those proceedings. You will not get the kind of case-specific advice you need on this forum.

The statement above does not create an attorney-client relationship. It is intended as general information only and it is not a substitute for legal advice. You should consult with a licensed attorney to discuss the specific facts and circumstances of your case.