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F1 student. Doing CPT. Can I work more than 40 hours?

Hillsboro, OR |

Hi, I am on F1 visa and attending a school in Texas. This semester I am doing a CPT. My salary is paid on an hourly basis and I need to fill timesheet each week regarding my working duration.

If I work more than 40 hours (which indeed I end up doing due to the nature of the work), is there a legal consequence of being paid for that?

I consulted with my manager, he encouraged me to get money for the extra effort I put in but does not know if there are legal / immigration issues due to that.

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There is no legal limit on the number of hours you can work when authorized for full time CPT. The employer would need to comply with the state's wage and hour laws, including overtime, but that is not a concern for your maintaining your F-1 status.

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