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F-1 visa out of status for 3 semester and I'm married to a US citizen getting ready to apply for adjustment of status

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I'm an F-1 visa out of status for almost 1,5 year and I'm married to US citizen for almost 3 months. I'm about to apply for adjustment status. I have been in my student status for 3 years. my I-94 is written D/S and the visa stamped already expired. I have questions on the I-485 and I-130, I can't answer:
1) current USCIS status?
2) Expire on mm/dd//year?
3) Date authorized stay expired, or will expired as shown on the I-94 or I-95

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Congratulations on your marriage.

You probably don't think you can afford an attorney .. that is unwise. You should at-least have a consultation to get on the right track.

1. F-1 (out-of-status)
2. D/S (my assumption, look at your I-94)
3. DS (my assumption, look at your I-94)

Talk to a lawyer .. these are easy questions ... there are other parts of the forms that have hidden 'time bombs' that you may not even be aware of.

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Carolyn Jean Fuchs

Carolyn Jean Fuchs


There is no substitute for expert advice. But make sure you evaluate the attorney as to qualifications such as years of practice, area of expertise, results. Best to get a referral.


for the first one you can put pending i-130 application which would make the second one N/A. For the third one you need to put whatever date is on your I-94. It is always best to consult an immigration attorney when filing for adjustment of status as all forms need to be filled out completely and accurately.

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As the Professore already so rightfully suggested, you would be unwise to proceed on your own, make mistakes and needlessly delay the final resolution of your case.
1. Simply put "out of status" (Don't worry, no one will come after you..)
2. "N/A - D/S"
3. Unless a date is shown on the I-94, simply put again "N/A - D/S".

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I agree with all answers previously given. Find an experienced immigration attorney here in Texas to assist. Don't try to do this without that aid.

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For Q #1: O/S
For Q#2: provide the date you stopped attending school or otherwise violated your status
For Q#3: same as Q#2.

While these are general answers based on general information, you should at last have an immigration consultation to understand the big picture since it's not what it appears to be by just reading the forms. Then you can decide if you want an attorney to handle the casse and accompany you to the interview.

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