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F-1 Student went back home want to come back to the US on B2

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Came to the US in 2001 on F-1. Visa expired in 2006 but continued in school with upto date I-20. Went to my home country while school was in session in 2012. Tried to come back on B2 denied. My family is still there. What option are there to come back?

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Your family is 'still' where? In the US? If so, the government probably had good reason to deny your B.

You should talk to an attorney and the school's foreign student adviser ... many of us use Skype for this.

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If you were deported upon intending to enter with your B-2, then you cannot return for 5 years. You should consult with an experienced Immigration Attorney to see what options may be available to you.


Marry a USC and then have him or her sponsor you for a green card. That's your only option under your facts and circumstances. Your chance of ever obtaining any other types of visas are less than zero otherwise.

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I assume you mean the B2 was denied. You can apply again, and I recommend providing proper evidence to show ties to your home country. This free guide can help:

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