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F-1 student wants legal help to build an asylum case

Columbus, OH |

I am an F-1 student preparing to apply for asylum. I was wondering if any one can advise me where or how I can get legal help with little or no cost, as I am financially strained with all the school fees. I came to the U.S in July 2012. My one year deadline is approaching, and I really need legal help with my application that also includes my wife

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I'm not sure what you mean when you say you need help to "build" a case. Either you have one or you don't. Call your local Bar Association. They Wil have a list of volunteer lawyers or lawyers that will provide pro bono or "po bono" (reduced fee) services. Good luck to you.



By "build" I meant help with organizing my primary and secondary documents in support of my asylum case, a legal help to make sure I have everything in order for a complete application. I might have used the wrong word. But I do I have a very strong case. I just want legal advice on what to focus, what to present and what to mention etc.


Prior counsel has it correct. Either you have the facts or not. If you're speaking about documenting your case in connection with the REAL ID requirements, then you're on to something. And if you want the best presentation of your case, then don't skimp on hiring counsel.


My colleages are accurate in their comments. Most law schools have immigration clinics that may be able to assist you if you cannot afford a private immigration attorney. If you are an F-1 student, your education institution may have an international student department that has a list of qualified immigration advocates - attorneys or BIA approved agencies. Good luck.

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