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F-1 student planning on marrying her fiance coming to visit

Jersey City, NJ |

I am currently working on my OPT period and have just completed my masters. My fiance is planning on visiting me in January.

My question is whether the two of us can get legally married here in USA and then use that marriage certificate for her to apply for her F-2 visa once she goes back after her visit.


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Yes, and yes. The town hall of the city you live in will be happy to grant you a marriage license and marry you.

Your wife will then be able to go back and apply for an F-2 visa as your "spouse/dependent" and get admitted back in that status.. (Just make sure she doesn't get too bored while you attend classes..)

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Thanks so much. But wouldn't she require an SSN for the application of the marriage certificate? I was going through the rules of the application for New Jersey and it said explicitly how an SSN is a requirement. Which states would not have such a requirement?


I agree with Mr. Behar.

Please be advised my answers to questions does not constitute legal advise and you should not rely on it, due to the fact that we have never met, I have not been aprised of the facts in you case nor have I reviewed any documents.


I, too, agree.

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