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Extradition warrant to cali from 10 years ago..picked up for speeding in ny..

Eureka, CA |

my friend had extradition warrant to cali..was picked up for speeding in ny..extradited to cali..being charged with arrest warrant, probation violation and knowingly rent for storage or manufacture of said drug.. what kind of time is my friend looking at?

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He's looking at some serious time. Usually, if the extraditing jurisdiction doesn't care about the case, they don't bother extraditing and spending all the money to bring him back. While you question is somewhat unclear, drug manufacture is usually a felony. Felonies on the low end can result in a 16 month prison sentence. Best to get a qualified attorney to review the specific facts of the case.


If they extradited your friend is most likely looking at felony charges that may include a prison sentence. However, If "said drug" in the knowing/rent/store "said drug" case was Marijuana that charge maybe able to be reduced to a misdemeanor (No prison). The state still has to prove the old case, so if the old case is 10 years old it is unlikely the state will have the witnesses who are able to perceive and recall events from that long ago. However, it is impossible to tell without knowing the specifics of your case. The bottom line is your friend needs a good attorney.

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