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Extra costs on traffic ticket

Wyndmoor, PA |

I received a ticket for not stopping at a stop sign; which was correct. Along with the fine, was EMA, MCARE, COSTS, J.C.P./A.T.J which brought a 25$ fine to 111$. I can understand J.C.P./A.T.J since its access to justice, but the rest make no sense to me. Why am I being charged for EMS and Medical Care Availability and Reduction to Error Fund? And COSTS, there is no explanation of what this even is; what is this, seems like a damn tip? I can't send back not guilty since I am guilty. Is there a way to fight the other charges?

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Sorry, but no. Only way to avoid those other costs is to fight the entire ticket. Over the years, the legislature has added these other costs to help fund certain projects and to pay for the administrative costs of processing the tickets. These costs are even higher (hundreds of dollars) if you commit a crime.


The costs are thanks to our government. You should worry more about the three points. If you pled guilty you can still appeal the conviction to the court of common please. It is called a summary appeal. Then ask for a 3111 disposition which is failure to obey traffic control devices that has zero points and will not be put on your driving record.


The fees are added to all citations because the legislature requires it. These cost fund government programs and training. The "costs" are the costs the district court gets for processing your ticket and giving you a hearing if you request one.