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Extension put on my home by a relative and he has lived there over ten years and now wants me to pay him back. What do I do?

Bethlehem, PA |

He is not on the deed to the property, and the status of limiations is up. Please advice

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Did the extension to your home increase its value?

If so, the relative might have a claim in quasi-contract or unjust enrichment.

The statute of limitations may not run from the date of the construction but rather from the date that the relative demanded payment as was denied.

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I assume that there was never a written agreement and that he is leaving of his own volition. If he is continuing to stay, the improvement continues to be for his benefit, not yours. While there may be other facts which would help his claim, do not assume that you are obligated to pay for the improvement. If he has lived there rent free for ten years, he may have already broken even on the deal. If, after evaluating everything, if you wish to be fair, you can work out a settlement. If so, put it in writing. Having a lawyer draft the agreement would even be better.

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