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Extending USA stay after grace period on J1 visa

Boston, MA |

My J1 visa has not expired but I have been fired, making it invalid. I want to stay in the US. How can I do this?
I was wondering if I can go to Canada and enter the USA under I94 status and stay for three months?

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What is your long term plan? I am a bit confused, since you first say you want to "stay in the U.S." but later say you are interested to stay for 3 months. Most J-1 visa holders' I-94 cards are stamped "D/S" or duration of status, which means that, even though you are presently in violation of your status, you are not accruing a period of unlawful presence that might trigger an inadmissibility bar in the future. I recommend that, before deciding on any particular course, you consult with an experienced and reputable immigration attorney.