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Expunging disturbing the peace charge

Gardena, CA |

Can we write a check and mail in Form 1203.4 to the court? Fax maybe? How long will this process take and what should we write down when applying for jobs (before the expungement goes through)? In addition, the form asks for DL# and SSN# - is it mandatory? In general, how does one qualify for a fee waiver? Work, income?

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I never trust the mail for these kinds of things. Sadly, clerks lose this kind of information routinely and it takes much longer to get done if you do it through the mail. I'd walk in and talk to the court clerk's office directly with your questions and they will walk you through it so it is done properly, including advising who to talk to about a fee waiver. I've never heard of anyone granted a fee waiver on an expungement though. You either pay it or it doesn't happen.

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