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Expunging arrest record

Redmond, WA |

Can I expunge my arrest record? I was charged with DUI but was amended to Neg degree 2 (traffic infraction).
Also, will my records show that I was charged DUI or just that I have Neg Degree2 when employers do background check? If it shows the DUI charge, can I expunge it?


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Background checks will show the original charge unless you get it expunged. You might be able to get an explanation entered on your record by writing to the Washington reporting authorities.

My answers are only intended as general legal advice based on my eighteen years as an Austin criminal defense and DUI attorney. They are not intended to be a binding legal opinion nor to create an attorney - client relationship. For those questions asked outside of Texas, there is no intent on my part to practice law in any other state There is no substitute for contacting a local attorney. Feel free to visit my website, .


It honestly depends on who is looking and how deep they go. Different agencies or private companies can turn up different results. If you are curious what your most common record shows, contact WSP and request your criminal history. This is the most frequently used source. They may charge you $20, but it will most likely answer your question. If you are not happy with what WSP shows, you may want to contact a private attorney in your area and see what thier local culture allows them to do. If a DUI is showing, you most likely will not be able to expunge that. Hope this helps. Start with WSP.

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