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Expungement eligibility for Disorderly conduct In Ohio

Akron, OH |

I was convicted in June last year for Disorderly conduct ( initial charge was petty theft, but was reduced to disorderly conduct) and I am trying to understand if i am eligible for expungement in June this year...

One of my sentences in my conviction was OAL for 1 year.... Does this mean that I am under probation and I will have to wait for one more year before i can apply for expungment or does it mean I can apply for expungement this year.

OAL stands for Obey All Laws? Is this a type of probation? I was not assigned a probation officer

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I am not familiar with the acronym OAL, but you can not apply for an expungement until one year has passed since the date of final discharge. You should ask the attorney that represented you if you were placed on probation. In the alternative you may be able to contact the clerk of courts and ask them if your sentence included probation.

I have included two links below. Both give a complete explanation of when you can apply for an expungement.


OAL is not probation. You are eligible for expungement one year from the time all fines, costs, and restitution were paid. Assuming you were not ordered to perform community service or placed on formal probation. If you were placed on probation or ordered to perform community service your one year expungement clock starts running from the time you completed those items. I suggest retaining an attorney to assist with the expungement process incase the court tries to argue the OAL is a bar to your expungement at this time.

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Thank you for your response.....What do you mean by formal probation .....Isnt OAL a formal probation?...


You will be eligible for expungement 1 year after all your court orders are complete. That includes payment of any fines and costs and completion of any court orders. If the court is monitoring your OAL then you may have to wait another year, but it sounds like you aren't being monitored by the probation department so you should be fine. I would contact an attorney local to your area who is familiar with that court's policies.


Speak with an attorney about your eligibility. Having an attorney makes the expungement process much smoother.

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I see that you listed your location as Akron, Ohio. You will need to file for your expungement at the court where you were convicted. If it was a municipal court where you were convicted then you need to go to that same municipal court. If your case was transferred to a county court and you were convicted there then that is where you need to go. keep in mind that different courts have different procedures for the expungement process. In the Summit County Court of Common Pleas you are required to go through an interview process with the Adult Probation Service. You should consider contacting an attorney who handles these types of cases and can explain to you what exactly needs to be done for the court in which you need to file. Best of luck to you!