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Expired licence plate tickets.

Broomfield, CO |

I recieved a ticket for expired plates and have sence gotten the issue resolved. How likely will it be that the fine will be reduced or the ticket dismissed if I go to court?
I received a second ticket for expired plates two days later in a diffrent county, this one was "expired plates displaying fictitious validation tabs or stickers", a buddy didnt want me to get another ticket and had taken the month sticker from a licence plate that was no longer needed for a sold car. It was his car and when he sold it he took the month sticker and put it on my car with out me knowing. What am I looking at for fines and court issues?

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I agree with Mr. Leroi; The first ticket would likely result in just a small fine, but the second is far more serious. Blaming it on your "buddy" won't work...Instead of taking care of business, you tried to "get over" with this deceit. I would be surprised if they reduced the second ticket at all; At best, they will likely offer you a plea to the charge with a large fine. I suggest you retain counsel on this one.

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